In an age of discount chain eyeglass stores and online eyewear brands that sacrifice quality for fleeting trends, The Eyeglass Works exists to bring eyewear back to basics. Combining a winning combination of personalized service, with highly-curated brands, and industry experience, The Eyeglass Works offers its sophisticated Philadelphia customers an unparalleled eyewear buying experience.

As a new client, we can't wait to see where our work with The Eyeglass Works takes us! Here's a peak at what we've done so far.

Store Front Illustration

In the process of building out The Eyeglass Works website, we felt their site could use some custom illustrations. Since The Eyeglass Works carries the hippest, high fashion eyewear --many of the frames in wild colors and futuristic shapes -- we felt the playfulness of their store needed to be translated through compelling imagery that positioned them as the coolest eyeglass retailer in Philadelphia (they are). Here, a hand-drawn illustration of their store front livens up the "Visit Us" page. 

Glasses Illustration

In keeping with our playful illustrations on The Eyeglass Works website, we needed a show-stopping illustration for the home page. Modeled after many of the fun frames carried in the shop, this illustration sets the tone for the site and the first impression of the brand. 


When The Eyeglass Works approached us about designing them a new website, we jumped at the chance. Already a successful business and anchor store on Main Street, the retailer had a strong in-store presence, but needed a fresh look online. To start, we worked closely with the owners to develop copy for the website, interviewing them and drawing out the store's unique selling propositions to differentiate them from competitors. Once the copy was complete, we worked on the visual elements of the site including drawing up illustrations and graphics that supported their existing branding. We updated their collections page, About Page, Visit Us tabs, and added a news section on the home page so that they could update existing promotions, news, etc. With just a few more elements to go, their site will be up and running very soon!