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Shop owners Stacy and Michael are purveyors of foraged vintage goods, always with an eye towards inspired design and industrial, utilitarian quality. Small Wonder is on hand to help fill in the gaps in their business. Whether it’s shooting high–quality product photography to help move products, building them a beautiful website, sending monthly email campaigns, or planning a fun ticketed store event, Small Wonders keeps Meadowsweet Mercantile customers engaged and shopping.

Curious what a typical year working with Small Wonder looks like? Check out our past year with Meadowsweet Mercantile.

Spring Shop Update


With spring on the horizon, by February, it was time for a shop update. In keeping with Meadowsweet Mercantile's beautifully minimal style, we shot the spring collection in a room bathed with natural light, styled with a touch of wabi sabi-inspired imperfection. Images were used in social media and email campaigns.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide & Promo


After the holiday rush, we wanted to put together a fun gift guide to get people excited for Meadowsweet Mercantile's new collection and Valentine's Day. To promote Valentine's Day giftables, we put together a fun gift guide featuring items new to the shop. Graphics were used in targeted email campaigns and in social media campaigns.

Shop Update & Holiday Marketing


To supplement in-store sales during the holiday season, we performed another shop update to promote another stream of revenue, albeit online. We photographed new products in the store, uploaded them to the site, and polished copy. Images were used in marketing efforts for our Cyber Monday email campaign and social media. 


Holiday Photoshoot


Come November, we were in full holiday mode with the goal of making Meadowsweet Mercantile's holiday season the best one yet. To support our marketing efforts, we needed compelling photography and marketing collateral promoting store merchandise and holiday events. First up: a lifestyle driven photoshoot with stylized vignettes of holiday product offerings. Post-shoot, photos were edited and translated into beautiful graphics for email campaigns and social media. 

This campaign had an open rate of 40% -- more than double the industry rate of 16%. 

Social Media Mangement 


In October, Kinfolk Magazine was going to publish a piece on Meadowsweet Mercantile so in anticipation for the new online activity, we wanted to get their social media profiles in tip top shape. While we’ve been taking product photography for them for over a year, we felt that their intermittent dispersal of our images on social media wasn’t enough to build their following: both parties agreed they needed our professional social media management to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and drive customers to website.

Social Media At A Glance:

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.33.53 PM.png

Instagram Growth Since October:

Facebook Growth Since October:

Direct Sales Through Social Media

To harness power of Meadowsweet Mercantile’s new social media followers, we began directly selling on social media. We would list items for sale and customers would comment with emails to purchase, generating sales & driving people to our online store.


Instagram followers increased by 64%, Facebook likes nearly doubled, and Meadowsweet Mercantile received 85% more website pageviews since we began social media management.

Online Sales Increased by 100% after we began social media management. 

Website Design & Ecommerce


In preparation for the busy fall season and the holidays in the months ahead, we set to work designing the Meadowsweet Mercantile website. By expanding their shop online, Meadowsweet Mercantile could tap a much broader, national customer base so it was important that e-commerce was included in the functionality of the site. Since we had a stock of product photos from the previous months, building the store was a matter of getting product info from the owners, touching up copy, and formatting each product description. In designing the rest of the site, we wanted to have an image-heavy site that highlighted Meadowsweet Mercantile's beautifully simplistic style.


Mason Shaker Event


For our summer in-store event for Meadowsweet Mercantile, we wanted to create a ticketed event that was part social event, part hands-on cocktail mixing workshop. For the theme, we were inspired by the book Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails by Mason Shaker and planned the event around mixing three cocktails from the book, plus some extra entertaining tips and tricks. Tickets were set at $75 which included a Mason Shaker Cocktail Kit ($50 value) which included the classic Mason Shaker, muddler, and jigger.

Additionally, we partnered with Art In The Age and local restaurants to provide spirits for the event as well as nearby farms to provide fresh herbs for the cocktails.

To promote the event, we styled and photographed a mock staging of the event for use in promotional materials. With those images, we designed promotional collateral I'm the form of social media graphics and flyers which were submitted to event websites, Philadelphia media, and local influencers in addition to pushing them on social media. We also secured a sponsored ticket giveaway contest for the event with local influencer, Femme & Fatale. To enter the giveaway, participants had to ’regram‘ our marketing collateral with an event specific hashtag and mention Meadowsweet Mercantile on Instagram.

On the event logistics side, we created an Eventbrite and managed ticket sales, secured necessary supplies for the event, styled the event, and managed the flow of the evening.

Marketing Collateral


In the month between gearing up for the launch of the Meadowsweet Mercantile website and producing in-store workshops, we took a moment to produce Meadowsweet Mercantile some marketing collateral. With busy months of foot traffic ahead, it was important for them to have promotional materials to pass out to customers at the shop. To that point, we coordinated the printing of business cards, designed new shop postcards, and reconfigured the shop logo into a circle so they could produce new signage.


Circle Logo For Signage:

Bombyx X American Menswear Pop Up


In June, Meadowsweet Mercantile was hosting a pop-up shop at their store with local vintage sellers, American Menswear and Bombyx Vintage. We were tasked with promoting this event to get customers in the store and shopping. First up: some beautifully laid out marketing graphics with the event information and teaser photos. These graphics were then printed to hand out at the shop, were promoted on social media, and submitted to local media to promote the event. 

Store Photography


In preparation of the website, it was decided that new shop photos were needed for the ‘about’ page of the site. Since the shop functions not only as a store, but also as a mini-showroom and curated space for owners Stacy and Michael to showcase their style to potential restaurants and stores they outfit, having quality photos of the shop was essential. Shop photos would incentivize locals to check out the store and national customers to get a sense for the shop's aesthetic.

Product Photography


After our initial round of product photography in winter, it was time to add more to Meadowsweet Mercantile's ever-growing arsenal of products for their website. For this photo shoot, there was an emphasis of on seasonal goods — think garden tools, bike baskets, planters — and the occupying photos were to be bathed in light and optimistic with spring and summer around the corner.

In styling the shoot, emphasis was given on including living props in the form of flowers, herbs, and plants to convey this heralding of springtime.


Cocktails & Confections Event


During the sleepy winter months, Meadowsweet Mercantile wanted to host a fun event to bring people to their shop, generate ticket sales, and create a light-hearted shopping atmosphere. In planning the event, we worked with event partner Allaura Candy to create a tasting station of caramels and signature cocktails infused with the Meadowsweet herb, for which the shop is named.

To promote the event, Small Wonder shot promotional images and designed marketing collateral in the form of postcards. Print and digital copies of the flyer were then distributed at local stores, on social media, and submitted to Philly media.

The day of the event, Small Wonder was on hand to orchestrate the flow of the evening, set up tasting stations, collect ticket sales, and even lend a hand at bartending.

Meadowsweet Mercantile and partner Allaura Candy were able to generate sales during the course of the evening in our relaxed shopping and tasting environment.

Small Wonder created a strategic partnership  with local spirit company Art In The Age, who provided alcohol and promotional support to the event

The event, which was supposed to be capped at 15 tickets, sold out immediately at the doors and nearly doubled when we opened up more ticket sales at the last minute. 

Product Photography


Beginning our work with Meadowsweet Mercantile, it became clear to us that they needed reliable and consistent product photography for selling their industrial wares on both social media and building up product for their upcoming website. Since shop owners Stacy and Michael go hunting weekly for new vintage wares, there was a large volume of products to shoot and details were important: we took three shots of each product to showcase important details, minor blemishes, and other curiosities that gave each piece its character.

In styling, shooting, and retouching their product photography, we were inspired by their simplistic aesthetic and beautiful natural light that filtered into their shop in the late afternoons. In each photo, we styled the products to engage our target demographic and portray a certain lifestyle: that of a worldly adventurer with a knack for effortless style and easy elegance.