Groundwork Home is Philadelphia-based furniture & design studio that crafts beautiful, handcrafted furniture made in Pennsylvania. Their made-to-order pieces are made from salvaged and locally-sourced materials and their high-end line can be found in exclusive retailers like ABC Home in NYC.

While owners Ernie Sesskin and Brian Foster oversee production and develop their line, Small Wonder is on hand to support their business through beautiful photography, branding, social media content, and marketing support. 


Tabletop Logo

In developing the Groundwork Home logo, we wanted to take their brand in a cleaner, more refined direction than their previous branding to appeal to their sophisticated, high-end clientele. Since Groundwork built their business by creating bold pieces of usable artwork, we felt their branding deserved to be as strong as their designs.

To achieve this goal, we used a humanist typeface to demonstrate the age and confidence the brand has whilst introducing a thick line above every variant -- alluding to their iconic tabletops. This works as a simple, formal mark but it opens up a lot of opportunities for an extensible brand.  The result is a sleek, contemporary logo. 


Social Media Images

Before developing Groundwork Home's social media, we first needed a large stock of high-quality images to keep their feed looking consistent and polished. From there, we would slowly release the images to their accounts over the next few months.

In shooting the photos for social media, most of the content was lifestyle focused to best portray their aspirational, design-centric brand. Photos were focused on the inspirations behind Groundwork Home, behind-the-scenes shots of their studio and country home, and photos documenting their process. 

Email Campaign

Once Groundwork's branding had been approved, it was time to begin work on an email campaign. We wanted to send the campaign to Groundwork's work contacts to bolster their top-of-mind awareness, highlight latest work, and create a conversation going into the new year. We wrote copy for this campaign, designed a template to highlight Groundwork's latest work, and helped corral contacts. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 10.23.47 AM.png

This campaign received an open rate of 44% -- double the industry average of 22 %

Digital Press Kit

In preparation for our PR outreach for Groundwork Home, we put together a digital press kit that could be sent to editors and bloggers. The kit contained a thoughtfully-designed portfolio detailing their favorite projects and designs. In addition, we wrote them a press release positioning the brand's founders as founding members of the "maker movement" that is so popular today. 

Press Release

For Groundwork Home, “Maker Movement” Isn’t a Trend, But a Way of Life

Philadelphia, PA, March 16, 2015: Long before the creation of Etsy, the breakout success of DIY blogs, or before the phrase “maker movement” was in our lexicon, Philadelphia-based design duo Groundwork Home was handcrafting furniture out of salvaged objects, made in America. In an era where buzzwords like “artisan,” “repurposed,” and “handcrafted” abound and new makers seemingly crop up every day, it’s refreshing to meet designers like Groundwork for whom the maker movement isn’t a passing trend, but rather a way of life.
— Groundwork Home Press Release