Kitchen Garden Series is a line of kitchen textiles sold to support urban gardening initiatives in Philadelphia. Owner Heidi Barr designs beautiful market bags, aprons, tea towels, and napkins out of repurposed men's shirts and gives 25% of her proceeds to local urban gardening programs. Not only does Kitchen Garden Series support organic gardens, but her process also keeps waste out of landfills and will create jobs in the local community as her company expands.

We we're humbled and inspired by Heidi's mission and couldn't wait to begin work on designing her website and delivering product photography.


In order to bring The Kitchen Garden Series another stream of revenue to supplement existing wholesale and market operations, it was important that Heidi's website featured e-commerce for direct-to-consumer sales. As her line is so motivated by the themes of the kitchen, community, and gardening, we wanted her website to be photo-centric as to drive home the lifestyle emitted by her brand. A clean, minimal backdrop allows the photos to take center stage without any distracting design elements competing. 

Optimized Logo For Web

The Kitchen Garden series came to us with a fully developed logo, however Heidi's branding was not optimized for the web: her logo was vertical when we needed a horizontal version for the site. This faced us with the challenge of reconfiguring her existing logo in a way that made sense for her website. By encompassing the beet in a circle, we created something  iconic and at the same time produced a short logo for The Kitchen Garden series. 

Product Photography

In shooting The Kitchen Garden Series' garden-centric line, we were inspired by the changing of the seasons for our styled vignettes. For our images, textiles were categorized into four seasons and styled accordingly with produce in season that time of year. This produced four sets of images that can be interchanged on the website and in marketing materials over the course of the year.