We help small businesses strengthen their brand and communicate with their audience.


Whether you have a great idea but need help seeing it to realization, own a small business but want to take your brand to the next level, or are an established business in need of a refresh, we're here to help.


Big agency work for small business budgets.


We do things a little differently than most creative agencies to save our clients money and to become an integral part of their business. Here's how we're different:


Monthly Retainers

Instead of charging for expensive à la carte projects such as web design, product photography, and branding, we work with clients on time-based monthly retainers. What does this mean? Simple: for one flat monthly rate, we work on any and all projects--the only variable is how many hours you pay for.

All Services Created Equal

Since all our services are bundled into one flat monthly rate, that means all of our services are created equal. Photography and web design? Same price as all our other services. One flat fee for all our services = major savings for our small business clients.


Your One Stop Shop

Thanks to our team’s diverse backgrounds, we are able to offer a unique combination of services that span from marketing, event planning, illustration, and everything in between. Unlike some agencies that specialize in a niche (branding, web design), we offer all creative services under one roof to save you money & provide you with seamless coordination.


We <3 Long Term Relationships

Our agreements are typically annual because we prefer to integrate ourselves with the businesses we work with. Instead of just delivering you a beautiful brand and disappearing, we like to help grow brands over the course of the year and really make a lasting impact. Think of it as having three extra minds always strategizing and working on your business for less than the cost of one employee.


How Can We Help? We Specialize In:








Three extra minds strategizing for your business.

Erick Steinberg

Founder, Photographer, and Creative Director.

Urban gardener, drive-in movie loyalist, and pie baker extraordinaire.


Emily Hirsch

Founder, Marketing & Social Media Strategist, Stylist.

Floral hobbyist, road tripper, and aspiring cheesemonger.


Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez

Visual Artist, Illustrator, and Senior Graphic Designer.

Motorcycle enthusiast, aspiring archaeologist, writer, and lover of breakfast.